Hi i am Paul Fox a freelance SEO Consultant from Leeds, welcome to my site.

I have decided to make this site as an online CV to showcase my SEO skills which i have learnt from years of work for big SEO Agencies in Leeds.

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If you hire me as your SEO Consultant these are just a few the skills i can bring to you business:

  • A high level of technical SEO. As well as on page optimisation, i will provide your website with Schema Markup Data and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Mobile compliant websites. I will make sure that your website passes Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.
  • Content marketing and outreach Specialist. Outreach is one of there areas of SEO that i excel in. I have managed to get clients links for free on very authoritative website by producing great content that they want to use.
  • Social Media Management. I can look after all your social profiles for you, regularly adding new exciting content to keep them fresh and relevant.
  • Citation Building. Your website needs to be in as many local directories as possible. Not just to help rankings, but also to generate you business from different source rather than just relying on search engine traffic.
  • Press Releases. Does your company have news to share? This is great way of promoting your website. I can write a release for you and get it syndicated to hundreds of websites.
  • Video marketing. This is my favourite part of online marketing. I excel in both video creation and ranking videos on YouTube. Below is an example of a video i created for an SEO Agency in Leeds i used to work for.

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Have you been thinking about hiring an SEO Agency to work for you? The other option is to hire a freelancer like me. Why? Read my post below to find out why……………….

Top Reasons Why You Need A Freelance SEO Consultant To Do Your Digital Marketing!

Whether you are a sole trader or an international company, you have one clear need; to be successful! Indeed, it doesn’t matter what the nature of your work is, how long you have been in business or where you are located, every business needs to give thought and focus toward their current and future success if they wish their business to stand the test of time.

One element that is vital to the success of any business is digital marketing. Are you making sure that the marketing needs of your company are being cared for effectively? Of course, it may seem easier to attempt to look after Such needs yourself, especially if you are a small company or a new start-up who doesn’t have much finance at their fingertips. However, taking this approach can lead to disaster. Let’s take a look at a few of the top reasons why you need a freelance SEO consultant to do your digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Can Take Up A Lot Of Time

If you are a sole trader, family business or small company, take a moment to think about why you set up your business. Do you offer a product or service that you are passionate about? Perhaps you had a skill set that you realized could be used to earn yourself a living. Whatever the reason may be, you are likely keen to invest your time into what you do best.

While you may think that, since you are the one that knows your business so well, you are the perfect person to care for your digital marketing, often you could not be further from the truth. SEO and digital marketing is a profession in itself. That means unless you are an expert within the online world of marketing, you will not have the necessary sills to complete the task in a timely fashion.

If you decide to attempt to care for the digital marketing needs of your company yourself, you may quickly find that you need to devote a colossal amount of time to the task, time that you could have been spent on your company itself. For small businesses, the lack of time and manpower of one of the key players, if not the only key player, can have a significantly negative impact on the running of the business.

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The Experts Knows All The Jargon

SEO consultants eat, breathe and sleep digital marketing. In an online world that is always changing, they are up to date on each and every nook and cranny. They know exactly how to create content and an online platform that will put potential clients right in front of you. What may take a reputable SEO consultant a few hours to achieve, may never be able to be reached by a novice. Remember, this is their trade, their skill, their passion; can you say the same about your relationship to digital marketing?

Why Choose A Freelance SEO Consultant?

Of course, there are many reputable SEO companies around, like the SEO Agency i worked at for three years Brand that Name In Leeds , so why should you consider opting for a freelance consultant? Price may be one factor that comes into play. Sometimes, freelancers of any trade are able to offer lower prices since they may not have as many overheads to cover. This may make the option to have an expert care for your digital marketing needs more feasible.

In addition, freelancers often don’t view their tasks as their work, rather they are invested into a career path that they are passionate about. Setting up as a freelancer takes courage and confidence. If you opt for such a consultant to care for your marketing needs, you may very well receive a service much more superior than you had anticipated.

Indeed, being engaged in a business of any size can be a daunting venture. Since we live in an online world, ensuring that your digital marketing is of the highest standard possible is crucial. While it may be tempting to attempt to care for such needs yourself, the advantages of hiring a freelance SEO consultant are certainly very well worth considering. In fact, they may be the key to the success of your business.

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