How You Can Get A Position 0 Answer Ranking On Google


Most website owners see ranking at position 1 as the holy grail of search engine optimization.  However, websites in a competitive market will have a hard time achieving this, but there could be something better.  This could be the position 0 or featured snippet which appears before the first search result on Google.  This is a very powerful place to be and you need to know what steps you can take to achieve this.

Should You Look At This

The first step in getting this featured snippet position is to understand if you actually should be focusing on this.  There are some websites that should not put their efforts into position 0 rankings and focus on other aspects of SEO.  This is generally local businesses that will benefit from good Google local rankings instead.

However, if you are in a market where clear answers to questions are required, you need to look at position 0 rankings.  There are certain industries that have a better chance in terms of featured snippet rankings.  There are also certain types of searches that will generally not render any feature snippet opportunities such as local, shopping and videos.

Finding The Keywords Candidates For Featured Snippets

Now that you understand whether or not you should look at featured snippets, you have to consider what keywords will be best.  To determine this, you will need to turn to traditional keywords research.  When you complete keyword research, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind.

High-volume terms will generally be more likely to get a featured snippet.  Longer search phrases with 6 or more words will also be more likely to have featured snippets.  Implied question searches should also be looked at because question searches are also more likely to have featured snippets as long as you are answering the question.

Increasing The Potential For Featured Snippets

Once you have an idea of the keywords that you should look at increasing the potential of selection.  There is a multi-pronged approach that you should take to improve the chances of selection.  The first prong is to have content that clearly answers the question being asked.

You also need to use clean code and tagging which Google understands.  If Google is unable to understand the coding or tagging on your website, it will not select your website for featured snippets.  The last prong will be to have positive user engagement signals.  Signals are important for SEO and you should always strive to have positive signals.

In your content, you should also look at repeating the question that you want to rank for.  This needs to be done clearly and prominently on the page to ensure that Google understands that your content relates to this.  After the question, you need to provide a short, clear and direct answer to the question as this is what will appear in the featured snippet.  After this, you will need to provide additional information, images and try to answer the questions as completely as possible.

Should I Try and Rank my Website Myself or Hire an SEO Company to Do It?

Ranking a new website in the search engines is time-consuming, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You can shorten the time by hiring an SEO Company. Hire reputable SEO companies if you want to rank your website quickly.

If you are thinking of ranking your website, you are going to learn all the advantages and disadvantages of ranking your own website. And you will also learn the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an SEO agency.

The following are the advantages of ranking your own website.

Learn SEO

You will learn the different search engine optimisation strategies if you are ranking your own website in the search engine. There are several strategies you must learn. This means that you will never have to depend on anyone to rank your website because you will master the different SEO techniques.

It’s Cheap

There are both free and paid SEO strategies. You may spend a lot of money when you are learning SEO. Once you have mastered the different SEO strategies, you will never have to spend money to rank your website if you are using free SEO strategies like link building.

You will do all the work yourself. You will generate free organic traffic without spending a lot of money.


There are some many SEO companies that may be busy when you need them. You don’t have to worry about this when you are ranking your own website. You will do all the work. Therefore, when there is an issue with your website, you will handle it quickly. You will never have to depend on anyone again.

Here are the disadvantages of ranking your own websites.

Time Consuming

Ranking a website in the search is time-consuming. You have to research keywords, create quality content and build backlinks. You will have to work throughout the day.

This is not advisable, because it may affect the quality of your products. You are spending too much time trying to rank your website, so you may never have time to focus on your products.


You will make mistakes when you are ranking your website for the first time. There are different SEO techniques you must learn. Where will you learn these techniques? You may choose a wrong course, so you might end up using SEO techniques that do not work. You will have to try different SEO strategies before you find the right strategies that work.

The following are the advantages of hiring an SEO company to rank your website.

Saves Time

The best SEO companies have ranked thousands of websites in the search engines. They have learned and mastered different SEO techniques. They will rank your website in a short time. In fact, they may have worked with someone who is in the same niche as you so they may have the right keywords. They won’t waste your time trying different strategies.

Saves Money

You will only pay these SEO companies for their services. They have the best SEO experts who will work on your website immediately you pay them.

They have the best tools for researching keywords and for analysing your competitors. You will never have to spend more money on these tools. This will save you a lot of money.

Fast Results

You will get quick results when you hire an SEO company. Once your website is ranking, you will be able to know if the traffic is highly targeted or not. There are some SEO companies that will create content for your website. The content is useful and informative. This increases your conversion rate. Use an SEO company like Brand That Name who focus not just on rankings, but also on converting traffic to customers.

Here are the disadvantages of hiring an SEO company.

No Results

There are some SEO companies that are not good at ranking websites in the search engines. The only way you can avoid this is by doing your own research. Make sure that you are hiring a reputable SEO company. Do not waste your money and time on an SEO company that you do not know or trust.

So should I try and rank my website myself or hire an SEO company to do it? The answer to this question is do not try and rank your own website if you don’t have the time to learn all the different SEO strategies or if you want quick results. Hire an SEO company to do it if you want to focus on creating new products, improving your products and when you don’t have the time to rank your own website.